Alcohol Accidents

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Alcohol abuse or alcoholism appears when a person constantly drinks even after knowing the prevailing effects of subconscious numbness. Alcohol abuse usually makes the person incapable of performing regular tasks of walking or even talking properly. The behaviors of the consumer become very animated and out of his or her own control.

It makes the mind very sluggish and lowers down the reaction time. Alcohol is sadly mistaken to be a stimulant but it truly behaves as a depressant. It not only affects the brain but also troubles other body responses. Some people also observe an impaired vision and even a difficulty in hearing properly. And obviously there exists a drowsy condition which makes muscles and senses weaker than usual.

Driving is legally and morally prohibited when one consumes alcohol. Driving requires activity of the brain to a great extent. It also requires a high reaction rate. However, during alcohol consumption the reaction rate is bound to drop. And this causes inattentive driving and ultimately a possible accident.

Drinking and driving has been the root cause of humungous accidents. People injured during these accidents have suffered grieve injuries. Some have even experienced loss of limbs and paralysis for life.

Accidents due to alcohol consumption are not limited to the roads. There are many domestic accidents as well. These include household fires or industrial fires. One in three fires caused are because of people under strong influence of alcohol.

People try different ways to amuse themselves. Drinking and swimming has also been a passion for many. But unfortunately, drinking causes temporary impairment of muscles and sluggish body behavior. This has caused many drowning to happen because in the past. The person is usually unable to keep control of his own body while swimming and ultimately drowns in this condition.

The increased blood alcohol concentration raises the risk of any kind of possible accident. The blood alcohol concentration is measured as milligrams of alcohol in hundred milliliters of blood. The safe limit of blood alcohol concentration is approximately ranging between 75 mg% to 85 mg%.

So if the alcohol concentration in the bloodstream increases greater than the above stated limited, a person is usually more prone to accidents of any kind.

There is a constant progression in side effects as the blood alcohol concentration increases. At 30 mg% the person might have a headache or may appear to have a slower response time. As the concentration in the blood rises the effects become dangerous and out of control.

It is important to analyst an accident situation closely. For example a person drinking and swimming might begin to behave in an uncontrolled manner. This should be a signal enough for the outsiders to know that an accident is possible.

Similarly a person at work under the influence of alcohol and is handling a dangerous job should be restricted from entry a work space like that. He or she would not only risk their own lives but also but many more lives and the industrial structure in danger.